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James Wallner on coronavrius and Congress

March 24, 2020

Congress needs to enable itself to operate remotely

March 23, 2020
“Two members of Congress have already tested positive for covid-19. Imagine if 250 members of the House or 55 members of the Senate contracted the disease and were hospitalized or… Read More

Sens. Portman and Durbin introduce bill to permit remote voting in the Senate

March 19, 2020
From a press release: “Today [March 19, 2020] , U.S. Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) introduced a bipartisan resolution to amend the Standing Rules of the… Read More

Podcast: Should the House have more members?

March 19, 2020
Are 435 members able to represent effectively a diverse electorate comprised of almost 330 million people? If not, how many members should the House have? And will increasing the size… Read More

Broad coalition calls for Congress to reclaim its national security powers

March 18, 2020
Statement of Principles All Americans have a stake in decisions to go to war, bypass ordinary laws through emergency declarations, or sell weapons to foreign regimes. That is why the… Read More

Remote voting by Congress? Not so fast.

March 16, 2020
Amid a growing pandemic where social interaction could threaten health, many questions have been raised about the continuity of operations on Capitol Hill. Not for the first time, remote… Read More

Some good news from the Hill: Congress is standing up for itself, together

March 15, 2020
Source: House Rules Committee, March 3, 2020. It is rare these days that people have happy news to share in the nation’s capital. But we are here to do… Read More

What has Congress done about Coronavirus so far?

March 13, 2020
Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine What has actually passed so far? H.R. 6074, Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020, was introduced and passed under suspension of the… Read More

How can Congress keep working during COVID-19 while keep legislators and staff safe?

March 12, 2020
The rapid spread of coronavirus has made it unsafe and unwise for members of Congress — many of whom are among those most likely to become grievously ill — to… Read More

Elizabeth Warren has the Senate’s gridlock problem all wrong

March 11, 2020
Elizabeth Warren wants to end gridlock in the Senate, and she believes eliminating the filibuster is the way to do it. In South Carolina’s presidential debate, Warren … Read More