Photo of Lee Drutman

Lee Drutman

Senior Fellow, Political Reform Program, New America

Lee Drutman is a senior fellow in the Political Reform program at New America. He is the author of The Business of America is Lobbying (Oxford University Press, 2015) and winner of the 2016 American Political Science Association’s Robert A. Dahl Award, given for “scholarship of the highest quality on the subject of democracy.” In addition, he writes regularly for Polyarchy, a Vox blog. He is currently writing a book about the crisis of the two-party system in America.

His areas of expertise include hyper-partisanship, Congress, lobbying, and money in politics.

Drutman also teaches in the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies at The Johns Hopkins University. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley/

He has been quoted and/or cited in The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe Economist, SlateMother JonesThe AtlanticBusiness InsiderNational ReviewPolitico, and many other publications, and on Morning EditionAll Things ConsideredPlanet MoneyThis American LifeMarketplaceWashington Journal, and The Colbert Report, among other programs.


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