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From citizens to data points: A word of caution for legislators

December 10, 2019  ·  Samantha McDonald and Melissa Mazmanian
Source: Currently, uses of technology in Congress are preventing citizens from meaningfully engaging with their policymakers. Technologies such as constituent databases provide helpful tools for collecting, storing, and… Read More

Restoring fiscal conflict

December 9, 2019  ·  James Wallner
Near the end of Ayn Rand’s dystopian novel, Atlas Shrugged, the discredited regime representing the United States Government announces the “John Galt Plan for Peace, Prosperity, and Profit” in a… Read More

How to make Congress work better for the American people

December 6, 2019  ·  Rep. Derek Kilmer and Rep. Tom Graves
Every few decades, Congress comes to the realization that it needs to fix itself. For the last 50 years, whether due to an imminent crisis or a slow deterioration, special… Read More

Today: Hearing on “Experts needed: Options for improved science and technology advice for Congress”

December 5, 2019  ·  Kevin Kosar
Thomas Dolby, “She blinded me with science,” 1982. House of Representatives, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology 2318 Rayburn 10am: The LiveStream is at Witnesses: The… Read More

Today: Hearing on “Rules and Procedures in the U.S. House of Representatives: A Look at Reform Efforts and State Best Practices”

December 5, 2019  ·  Kevin Kosar
Date: Thursday, December 5, 2019 – 2:00pmLocation: 210 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515 Witnesses: Mr. Christopher M. Davis Analyst on Congress and the Legislative Process, Congressional Research… Read More

Impeachment in the words of the Founders

December 4, 2019  ·  Casey Burgat
Junius Brutus Steams, Washington as Statesman at the Constitutional Convention, 1856. Source: The House’s rapid-moving impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine is about to enter yet… Read More

When Congress was great: Reforming Social Security

December 3, 2019  ·  Philip Wallach
Lost amid the impeachment fight and election contests, an epochal moment in the history of America’s welfare state is coming in 2020: For the first time since 1982, the Social… Read More

Modernizing oversight to improve government efficiency and accountability

November 26, 2019  ·  Dan Lips
While impeachment hearings and the 2020 election dominate the political headlines, several encouraging bipartisan efforts to reform Washington and improve governance are making progress below the radar. The result could… Read More

My meeting with the King of Jordan, or the inevitability of legislative diplomacy

November 25, 2019  ·  Matt Glassman
Pope Francis addresses Congress in 2015. Editor’s note: This speech was given before the Open World Leadership Center’s conference on women in leadership and legislative diplomacy on November 19,… Read More

Video: Symposium on congressional capacity and endless war in Afghanistan & Syria

November 21, 2019  ·  Anthony Marcum
The Brennan Center’s Elizabeth Gotien, and R Street’s Casey Burgat, Anthony Marcum, and James Wallner discuss Congressional Capacity and the Endless War in Afghanistan & Syria at the Legislative Branch… Read More