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October Event – How centralized power is corrupting our institutions, increasing polarization, and undermining elections

September 21, 2023  ·  William Gray
The R Street Institute will host its inaugural Real Solutions Summit on October 18 at the Planet Word Museum. The Real Solutions Summit will feature in-depth discussions, networking opportunities, keynotes and… Read More

Red Tape Podcast, Episode 6 – Where’s The Lie?

August 9, 2023  ·  William Gray
The Pope was wearing what?! Get ready to find out as we navigate the murky waters of misinformation.  R Street’s Resident Elections Fellow, Matt Germer, joins host Kelli Pierce to talk about… Read More

The Known Unknowns: Planning for the Next Emergencies

August 7, 2023  ·  Jonathan Bydlak
As global threats escalate, policymakers should focus on fortifying the federal budget against future emergencies and encouraging solutions that lessen the burden when such events arise. Executive Summary The national… Read More

Open Letter to Congress: Supplemental Spending to Bypass Spending Caps Premature

August 3, 2023  ·  Nan Swift
Open Letter to Congress: Supplemental Spending to Bypass Spending Caps Premature On behalf of the undersigned free-market organizations, we urge all members of Congress to oppose efforts to use an… Read More

Broad Coalition Urges Enactment of Bipartisan National Emergencies Act Reform

July 18, 2023  ·  William Gray
This week, more than 30 cross-ideological organizations sent the following letter urging the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, as well as the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government… Read More

South Park Explains Why We’re Trillions in Debt

July 5, 2023  ·  William Gray
What can we learn about the U.S. debt crisis from a classic South Park episode? Turns out, almost everything. In this episode of Red Tape, a new podcast from… Read More

R Street launches a new podcast: Red Tape

May 25, 2023  ·  William Gray
This week, the R Street Institute launched Red Tape, a new podcast about the country’s biggest problems and the surprising ways that governments (and regular people) often… Read More

The Senate Should Follow the House’s Lead on Modernization

May 7, 2023  ·  Ryan Williamson
Earlier this year, the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives established the Subcommittee on Modernization under the Committee on House Administration. This is an important and commendable step in… Read More

Watch: Future Casework Virtual Summit

December 16, 2022  ·  William Gray
While Congress and the federal agencies in its oversight jurisdiction have changed drastically in the last fifty years, Congressional casework has remained stuck in place. The POPVOX Foundation convened… Read More

New Book: Congress Explained by Casey Burgat and Charles Hunt

December 8, 2022  ·  William Gray
Casey Burgat and Charles Hunt have a new textbook that belongs on the bookshelf of everyone interested in Congress and how it works. For those… Read More