The nuclear option has fizzled, again

January 17, 2020
Source: CNN. In 2013, during the 113th Congress, the Senate Democratic majority temporarily deployed what some have called the “nuclear option,” purportedly to break a confirmation logjam over President… Read More

Hearing on growing government, diminishing congressional capacity, and strengthening Congress

January 15, 2020
The Select Committee on the modernization of Congress held a hearing yesterday. The topic was “restoring capacity and equipping Congress to better serve the American people.” Posted below… Read More

It’s time to amend the War Powers Resolution

January 14, 2020
Source: The House of Representatives voted last week to prevent President Trump from engaging in additional hostilities against Iran without congressional approval. A similar measure is pending… Read More

January 10 conference on oversight

January 3, 2020
Registration is free and easy. Click here. Read More

Emerging case law on congressional oversight

December 27, 2019
The Levin Center at Wayne Law is hosting a morning symposium on January 24, 2020, on emerging federal case law related to congressional oversight investigations.  The conference will present a… Read More

Impeachment in the words of the Founders

December 4, 2019
Junius Brutus Steams, Washington as Statesman at the Constitutional Convention, 1856. Source: The House’s rapid-moving impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine is about to enter yet… Read More

Modernizing oversight to improve government efficiency and accountability

November 26, 2019
While impeachment hearings and the 2020 election dominate the political headlines, several encouraging bipartisan efforts to reform Washington and improve governance are making progress below the radar. The result could… Read More

Video: Symposium on congressional capacity and endless war in Afghanistan & Syria

November 21, 2019
The Brennan Center’s Elizabeth Gotien, and R Street’s Casey Burgat, Anthony Marcum, and James Wallner discuss Congressional Capacity and the Endless War in Afghanistan & Syria at the Legislative Branch… Read More

Congressional undersight: Congress’s low capacity in foreign affairs and war-making

November 12, 2019
Currently, however, Congress’s oversight capacity is alarmingly lacking. The legislative branch simply does not have the levels of staff resources, funding or expertise to conduct effective oversight of the executive… Read More

A dynamic relationship: How Congress and the presidency shape foreign policy

November 6, 2019
To better understand what happens when the pendulum of power swings back and forth between Congress and the president, this paper examines the procedural and strategic dynamics that underlie the… Read More