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How divided government affects lobbyist influence in Congress

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December 11, 2018  ·  Geoff Lorenz
As a result of November’s mid-term elections, the national government will transition from a unified government, in which members of the Republican Party control the House, Senate, and the White… Read More

“Why We Left Congress”: Excerpts of our conversation with Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS)

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December 10, 2018  ·  Marian Currinder
Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) has represented Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District since January 2009. A former accountant who served six years as the treasurer of Kansas, Jenkins announced her decision to… Read More

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress

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December 7, 2018  ·  Marian Currinder
John Dingell, “I Served in Congress Longer Than Anyone. Here’s How to Fix It,” The Atlantic: “In my six decades in public service, I’ve seen many changes in our… Read More

Real purpose of the Senate: To check the actions of the House

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December 6, 2018  ·  James Wallner
Niccolò Machiavelli was one of the principal architects of American constitutionalism. A heterodox thinker in his day, Machiavelli observed in his Discourses on Livy (1531): “Those who blame the quarrels of the Senate… Read More

LegBranch conversations: An interview with Jaime Harrison

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December 5, 2018  ·  Marian Currinder
In this edition of LegBranch conversations, Marian Currinder interviews Jaime Harrison about his new book, Climbing the Hill, co-authored with Amos Snead. Harrison and Snead, longtime staff members… Read More

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