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There is no app for self-government

February 17, 2020  ·  James Wallner
Louis Maurer, c1860. Source: Library of Congress. There is, at present, a widespread sense among Americans that something has broken politics. Most people think the problem is unchecked partisan… Read More

Want to be a Congressional Innovation Scholar?

February 14, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
TechCongress is growing again, and now recruiting for an expanded 2020 class of Congressional Innovation Scholars, our pipeline to Congress for graduate students in technical degree programs.    The… Read More

Podcast: The Senate post-impeachment

February 12, 2020  ·  James Wallner
R Street Institute’s James Wallner and joins Matt Glassman, Josh Huder, and Mark Harkins of the Government Affairs Institute. They give a post mortem on the impeachment trial, and… Read More

Today: Reforming presidential emergency and war powers

February 11, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
Source: Defense.gov RSVP here Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Congress has delegated to the executive its authorities over war-making and national emergencies. For certain, Alexander… Read More

Is Congress willing to assert responsibility for trade?

February 10, 2020  ·  Philip Wallach, Clark Packard, and James Wallner
As the Senate’s impeachment trial dominated domestic headlines, President Trump was busy at the World Economic Forum in Davos. There, he trumpeted the United States’ economic strength to our European… Read More

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