LegBranch.org is the hub for the congressional reform movement. It’s a transpartisan space to discuss what’s working in our national legislature, what’s not, and how we can fix it.

LegBranch.org is home to the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group (LBCWG), launched in Spring 2016 by Kevin Kosar at the R Street Institute and Lee Drutman at New America.

The LBCWG was established to contend with the widespread perception that Congress is dysfunctional.

The objectives of the group are:

  • To create an enduring, transpartisan space to assess the capacity of Congress to perform its constitutional duties; and
  • To collaborate on ideas for improving the legislative branch’s performance in our separation of powers system.

Monthly meetings are open to Capitol Hill staff, academics, and anyone who cares about the well-being of America’s legislative branch.

LegBranch.org also hosts a blog where congressional academics and practitioners post about a diverse range of issues connected to Congress.

Have some research to share or something interesting to say about Congress? Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact Kevin Kosar, LegBranch’s blog editor, for more information.

Kevin Kosar
Vice President, Policy, R Street Institute
Lee Drutman
Senior Fellow, Political Reform Program, New America
James Wallner
Senior Fellow, Governance Project, R Street Institute
Philip Wallach
Senior Fellow, Governance Project, R Street Institute
Anthony Marcum
Research Associate, Governance Project, R Street Institute
Jonathan Bydlak
Director of the Fiscal and Budget Policy Project
Casey Burgat
Senior Fellow, Governance Project, R Street Institute