Photo of Lauren Rollins

Lauren Rollins

Associate Vice President, Research Programs, R Street Institute

Lauren L. Rollins directs the R Street Institute’s research publications and editorial functions. She also creates new research products, sets and maintains R Street’s house style guide and submissions guidelines, and periodically trains staff in sound research and writing strategies. She was the editor of

Lauren joined R Street from academia where, in addition to teaching various research, writing and literature courses, she served as editorial manager of English Literary Renaissance, an academic journal of early modern literature and culture. Before her career in higher education, she was a trademark paralegal at an intellectual property law firm in the D.C. area.

Lauren has bachelor’s degrees in English and political science/legal studies from George Mason University, a master’s in English from Georgetown and is in the final stages of her doctoral dissertation, which focuses on populist political agency among the commons in early modern English literature at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where she still teaches occasionally.

A proud native of the DMV, Lauren now lives in western Massachusetts with her family and three very lovable kitties (Caroline, Miles and “the Outlaw” Josey Wales).