LegBranch Event

Behind the committee doors: The staffing traits and trends of Congress’s legislative deal-breakers

Congressional committees are well-known bodies in Washington, D.C. If you are in politics—whether a member, staffer, scholar or lobbyist—you are likely either trying to get a job on one or trying to influence one. Undeniably, the congressional committee system is vital for effective congressional operations, and yet it seems that no one has a comprehensive understanding of who turns the dials, greases the wheels or even keeps the machine on track. No one has taken a comprehensive look at the staff – until now.

Please join the Legislative Branch Capacity Working group as we welcome Casey Burgat and Ryan Dukeman for an in-depth policy discussion based on their recently published report, Who’s on the Hill? Staffing and Human Capital in Congress’s Legislative Committees. Enjoy lunch, as together we wade through the answers they uncovered by studying the employment records of every congressional aide who has served on any of the House and Senate committees since 2001, and discuss the repercussions of the traits and trends that rise to the surface.

Event video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9DNCu49vRc