LegBranch Event

Congressional Reorganization Act 101: Past, Present, and Future Proposals

The U.S. Congress has a reputation as a slow-moving, antiquated institution badly in need of reform. This reputation is not unique to the current age. Rather, congressional inefficiency has caused such distress in the past as to initiate three separate organized attempts at institutional reform: the bipartisan Joint Committees on the Organization of Congress (JCOCs) of 1945, 1965 and 1992. Today the call has arisen once again to reform the institution.

Join the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group (LBCWG) and its partners for a lunch discussion on the history of past JCOCs, the groundwork for reform laid in the 115th Congress, and proposals that could materialize for a bipartisan JCOC in the 116th Congress.

LBCWG’s distinguished Panelists include:

  • Meredith McGehee, Executive Director of Issue One
  • Michele Nellenbach, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Governors’ Council at the Bipartisan Policy Center
  • William A. Galston, Co-Founder of No Labels, Ezra K. Zilkha Chair and Senior Fellow of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution
  • Casey Burgat, Senior Fellow of the Governance Project at the R Street Institute

This event is hosted by the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group, a partnership sponsored by the R Street Institute and New America.