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Time for an upgrade: Getting better tech for Congress

Congress and modern technology: These two terms aren’t often paired together, let alone considered compatible. Although technology has the capability to enhance the First Branch’s abilities—from legislative empowerment to constituent engagement—Congress has struggled to fully wield tools adopted by the private sector long ago. Why is this? What can Congress do to modernize? And where should it start?

You’re invited to join the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group on Tuesday, Oct. 8 for a lunch discussion titled Time for an Upgrade: Getting Better Tech for Congress. Over lunch, panelists Lorelei Kelly, author of “Modernizing Congress, Bringing Democracy into the 21st Century,” and Daniel Schuman, policy director at Demand Progress and long-time congressional modernization advocate, will discuss key insights into the struggles Congress has faced and concrete steps toward the institution’s much needed tech improvements.

Lunch will be provided as supplies last*

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