ICYMI: Sen. Mike Enzi releases ideas to fix broken congressional budget and spending process

Below is a press release from Sen. Mike Enzi, Senate Budget Committee chairman.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY)… released several proposals to fix America’s broken budget and spending process gleaned from hearings and meetings with members of Congress, state officials, the administration, and stakeholder groups. Enzi noted the proposals reflect suggestions from members of both sides of the aisle and from groups that span the political spectrum. He said these ideas are rooted in fixing our broken budget and spending process, and are in favor of a system that works for everyone.

“We can all agree that the current budget and spending system has broken down,” said Chairman Enzi. “I am hopeful that through this process, we will be able to reach bipartisan agreement to end the current dysfunction and put our country on a path toward a more sustainable fiscal future.”

Enzi released four proposals focused on budget and spending process reform:

The first proposal would re-orient the budget process around long-term planning and shift the federal government to a biennial budgeting and spending system.

The second proposal would boost congressional budget enforcement and help ensure that members of Congress and the leadership of each committee are held accountable for their fiscal decisions.

The third proposal would ensure that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) continues to serve a vital role in the budget and legislative processes by increasing transparency in the agency’s estimating methods.

The fourth proposal would improve how budget resolutions are considered on the Senate floor and would help ensure that the budget is considered in a deliberate but efficient manner.

“These ideas are focused on creating a durable system to sustainably manage our country’s finances, while also improving the fiscal transparency in Congress,” Chairman Enzi said. “They would also boost oversight and accountability in the budget process and help end the brinksmanship in the nation’s fiscal debates.”