New R Street policy paper: How young lawyers can help restore congressional capacity

October 17, 2018
Nearly eighty percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress does its job. Much of the blame can be attributed to its failure to substantively address many of the policy… Read More

Congress helped create the CFPB’s leadership crisis. It can fix it.

November 29, 2017
Source: Over the past few days, the D.C. news cycle has been dominated by the palace intrigue over who should be properly recognized as acting director of the Consumer… Read More

A new development involving the Congressional Review Act

November 8, 2017
P.L. 104-121, sec. 801-808 , the Congressional Review Act by Jarrett Dieterle Over the past year, a debate has broken out in the regulatory reform community over how to properly… Read More

Congress uses the Congressional Review Act to abolish another regulation

October 31, 2017
During the early months of the Trump administration, Congress and the president made unprecedented use of the Congressional Review Act to repeal regulations. The CRA, which was enacted in… Read More

Rep. John Ratcliffe On the Separation of Powers Restoration Act

September 25, 2017
Rep. John Ratcliffe’s (R-TX) Separation of Powers Restoration Act was introduced early this year. Unlike some bills, the act’s title precisely encapsulates its purpose: restoring the power disparity… Read More

Presidential Signing Statements Are Declining, But Why?

August 29, 2017
Earlier this month, Presidential Donald J. Trump signed into law the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, which strengthened sanctions against Russia, North Korea, and Iran. While some observers speculated… Read More

Rep. Meadows Introduces Legislation to Lock In Regulatory Budgeting

August 21, 2017
By Jarrett Dieterle Rep. Mark Meadows recently introduced H.R. 2623, which would codify President Donald Trump’s “two-out-one-in” deregulatory executive order. That order requires agencies to eliminate… Read More

Why Congress Should Be More Involved in Deregulation Efforts

June 27, 2017
By Jarrett Dieterle David Schoenbrod writes in the Wall Street Journal: Candidate Donald Trump vowed to spur economic growth by freeing businesses from burdensome regulation. President Trump… Read More

How Congress Became Colonized by the Imperial Presidency

June 8, 2017
Ever since Arthur Schlesinger’s 1973 book coined the phrase, the so-called “imperial presidency” has been a perennial topic of our national political discourse. At a time when the American… Read More

How Congressional Power Became Separate, But Unequal

June 1, 2017
At the R Street Institute Blog, Jarrett Dieterle writes: “A recent paper by Matthew Glassman of the Congressional Research Service lays out a primer on the history of the… Read More