Power in the House: The House Freedom Caucus and Intraparty Organizations

February 6, 2018
In this January 23 Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group session, Professor Matthew Green of Catholic University discusses the House Freedom Caucus and political and policy influence… Read More

Next meeting of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group: January 23, 2018

January 13, 2018
Tuesday, January 23, 201812:00 PM  1:30 PM RSVP: https://intrapartyorganizations.splashthat.com/   The fourteenth meeting of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group will examine the political and policy influence of… Read More

Why Process Matters in Congressional Appropriations

January 29, 2017
Image credit: Congressional Institute, http://conginst.org/ By C. Jarrett Dieterle As past legislative sessions have come to a close amid threats of a government shutdown, we’re forced to wonder:… Read More