Which colleges and universities are tops in producing DC-based congressional staff?

Source: Casey Burgat, LegBranch.org

As the above flight path illustration shows, congressional staffers come from colleges all over the country. Each line represents a college who has produced a congressional aide, and the thicker the line, the greater the number of aides produced from that school. As you can see, some schools stand head and shoulders above their counterparts in producing DC staffers. Who are they and who do they work for?

Using a first of its kind dataset that includes every recorded staffer degree, we will soon answer every question you didn’t know you had about educational pipelines to Capitol Hill. Some of your expectations will be confirmed; others are likely to be contradicted.
Among other goodies, this analysis will include:
  • What colleges have the strongest pipelines to DC?
  • Which members hire the most Ivy grads?
  • What (if any) party differences are there in educational backgrounds of staffers?
  • Which law schools are best represented on the Hill?
  • Which members hire only from schools within their home states?
Stay tuned! More data and analysis are coming!
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