ICYMI: Ezra Klein Declares the Senate Broken

Ezra Klein Writes at Vox:

“It is past time for the Senate to admit what its members, and the country, already know. The institution is broken. The rules need an overhaul. The legislative process needs to be rebuilt to create an intentional balance between majority rule and minority protections.

“Rule changes often feel like power grabs. Hell, rule changes often are power grabs. But they don’t have to be. Both parties could form a bipartisan working group of current or retired senators and agree to implement those recommendation six years in the future — when no one knows which party will be in power, and so both parties have to think of themselves as a potential minority and majority as they craft their compromise….”

Read more at https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/9/29/16373460/senate-budget-reconciliation-filibuster

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