ICYMI: Top reads and other stuff on Congress

Rachel Bade and Elana Schor, “Capitol Hill’s sexual harassment policy ‘toothless,’ ‘a joke’,” Politico

Congressional Institute, “Dissatisfaction with Congress at an all-time high. The Congressional Institute has some ideas on how to fix that”

Center for Economic and Policy Research on how Trump is dodged advice and consent requirements and appointed David Kautter as the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.

Lee Drutman, “Congress wasn’t always this awful,” Washington Monthly

Betsy Wright Hawkings, “Constitution: Oversight by Congress is critical,” The Hill

Molly Reynolds, “This is why the congressional budget process is broken,” The Washington Post

Office of Major Leader Kevin McCarthy, “House passes five Article I bills restoring power to the people,” press release

James Wallner, “Confusing GOP rhetoric made it harder for them to ‘repeal’ or ‘reform’ Obamacare,” Washington Examiner

Quorum reports: “228 years ago, Vice President John Adams took to the dais to cast the first tie-breaking vote in U.S. Senate history. Since then, 36 different vice presidents have broken 260 ties in the Senate. On Tuesday evening, Vice President Mike Pence cast his fifth tie-breaking vote since taking office. Since 1981, there have been 24 tie-breaking votes cast by vice presidents — here’s the breakdown: Pence is breaking ties at a faster rate than any of the past five vice presidents. In his first 10 months in office, Pence has already broken more ties than any of the past five vice presidents’ fire year. Of the 24 past tiebreaker votes, 16 have occurred in the first three years of the vice presidents’ terms.” Read more Quorum insights at https://www.quorum.us/resources/


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