Chart of the Week: Senate Dems reference deficits more often than Republicans


Jessie Blur, “Hacking congressional culture: technologists take aim at legislative problems,” Federal Times

“This I think is one of the most exciting and important events that we host. What transpires here has the potential to transform Congress — and therefore the country and, to some degree, our democracy — for years to come,” said Hoyer. “Great ideas will come together and inspire new and innovative projects both inside and outside of Congress.”

“It doesn’t matter where you come from in life, there’s an opportunity for you to help your government,” said McCarthy. “Everybody can be a part of making this government better.” According to attendees, the bipartisan nature of the event presented a strong draw to attend. “It’s not often you see a bipartisan event put on, and I’m the mid-Atlantic region director for the Young Democrats of America, so I definitely wanted to get some ideas and perspectives from across the aisle and see everyone work together to make a better government,” said Latia Hopkins.

“It’s important that we take a step away from the partisan back and forth and find ways like this hackathon to come together and engage the public in a positive way and make Congress more open and more transparent,” said Hoyer. “All of these efforts, both bipartisan and within our respective parties have the same goal: helping restore faith in government by making it more transparent, more accessible to those we serve and more effective.”

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