Podcast with Michael Golden Regarding Congressional Reform

 Image source: http://michaelgolden.me/podcast/
Image source: http://michaelgolden.me/podcast/

Understandably, politics, policy (military, health, etc.), and re-election tend to swamp the minds of those who serve on Capitol Hill. What tends to get crowded out is thinking about Congress as an institution.

One of the objects of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group is to encourage more people both on the Hill and across the nation to care about Congress as an institution. It is the most democratic of our three branches of government, and the heart of our constitutional system. 

So it was with great pleasure that Kevin Kosar spoke with Michael Golden on his podcast program about the importance of Congress and its struggles in the 21st century. Golden is the author of the book Unlock Congress, and is a senior fellow at the Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy.

You can listen to their discussion here or on iTunes.

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