Video of Meeting On: Does Congress Have the Capacity it Needs to Conduct Oversight?

Envisioned by the founders as the “first” branch of government, Congress has the responsibility of overseeing and managing the other two arms of our constitutional system. And yet, as the executive branch has grown in power and prestige, Congress has increasingly lost its authority.

What resources does Congress currently employ when overseeing federal agencies? Which current resources are well-used; which are under-utilized? What additional tools and resources does Congress need to engage in truly effective oversight?

This video carries the presentations given at the April 23, 2017 gathering of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group. (The video concludes before the start of the question and answer session with attendees.) The featured speakers were Justin Rood (Project On Government Oversight), Morton Rosenberg (Constitution Project), Kevin R. Kosar (R Street Institute), and Lee Drutman (New America).