Quick Hits: Budget and appropriations reform resources

On Monday, the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform unveiled a new website. The website “will provide a source for general information and updates as the panel continues its work. Visitors will be able to find press materials, membership information, and hearing details, as announced.” Next on the committee’s agenda is a public hearing on May 9; witnesses, including Bipartisan Policy Center Vice President G. William Hoagland and Emily Holubowich, of the Convergence Building a Better Budget Process Project, will discuss ways to find bipartisanship in budgeting. A members’ day meeting on “how to significantly reform the budget and appropriations process,” is scheduled for Friday, May 18. 

LegBranch.com hosts a budget and appropriations reform resource page, which is updated regularly with information, analysis and reports on the Joint Select Committee’s activities. The site contains statements and analysis from a number of outside organizations, daily news items on reform, and background and explanatory information from the committee and its members.

The LegBranch.com blog also regularly features expert analysis on budget and appropriations reform. Recent posts includes:

James Wallner joins David Haun, Director of Public Sector Practice at Grant Thornton and Sarah Ferris, Budget and Appropriations Reporter at Politico to discuss the current federal funding landscape on FEDtalk.

Casey Burgat, Lee Drutman, Peter Hanson, and James Wallner examine and interpret calls for “regular order” in the appropriations process from members of Congress.

Stay tuned for ongoing analysis and updates!


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