At our April 2018 Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group meeting, Marquette professor and contributor Julia Azari discussed her take on how and why we can have weak parties in Congress yet historically high levels of partisanship. The discussion considered what this paradox means for Congress and its relationship with President Trump, and how these dynamics may play out heading into the 2018 elections.

This Friday, May 25, the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group will host a panel of national security experts who will discuss a wide range of vital topics including: Congress’ role in national security and foreign policy, past and present; the use of authorizations of military force (AUMF); emerging threats, including issues of cybersecurity, and more. Is Congress up to the job on these critical issues? Does it have the resources? What more can it do? Panelists include: Scott Anderson, Rubenstein Fellow, Brookings Institution; Megan Reiss, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute, and; Paul Rosenzweig, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute.

Click here to register. Lunch will be provided!

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