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Will the Congressional Review Act Be a Big Deal In January?

November 29, 2016
Some of the many volumes of the Code of Federal Regulations. By Kevin R. Kosar Will the Congressional Review Act become a big deal in January? Maybe. Congress enacted the… Read More

Banning Dialing for Dollars Will Not Fix Congress

November 21, 2016
By Kevin R. Kosar I agree with the conventional wisdom that congressmen spend entirely too much of their time raising money. Like many viewers, I cringed at John… Read More

Does Congress Finally Get That Business As Usual Should Not Continue?

November 9, 2016
By Kevin R. Kosar Nearly everyone is gobsmacked by last night’s election results. But should we really be so surprised? No, because a significant portion of the public has… Read More

How Congress Has Advanced Civil Liberties

October 26, 2016
Which branch of government comes to mind when you think of your rights? Many, if not most, Americans will think first of the judiciary. They might reference the Obergefell… Read More

The Estranged Legislative and Executive Branches

September 28, 2016
Hugh Heclo’s A Government of Strangers, published 40 years ago, described the very different worlds of high-level federal appointees and the civil-servant worker bees they purportedly manage. Today… Read More

Proposed: A New Congressional Regulatory Office

September 22, 2016
If Congress has often been unwilling to actively control the output of the administrative state, over the years it has also become effectively unable to do so. As the… Read More

A Case for Stronger Congressional Committees

August 3, 2016
With congressional partisanship at record highs and congressional approval ratings at record lows, the First Branch should consider reform. Two recent white papers (one analyzing the House, the… Read More

House Pay Increase Will Amount to Less Than $1,000 Per Staffer

June 30, 2016 reports: “House lawmakers are intent on giving staff members a raise in 2017, concerned that low pay and long hours are contributing to an unprecedented congressional brain drain. Read More

Majority Leader McConnell: How the Senate Is Supposed to Work

June 22, 2016
U.S. Senate 1880s. Source: U.S. Senate Historical Office Majority leader McConnell wrote for the May 30, 2016 copy of the Wall Street Journal a piece titled, “How the Senate Is… Read More

How Many House and Senate Leadership Staff Are There?

June 21, 2016
House Leadership Staff, 1987-2014 Graphic by the R Street Institute based upon Congressional Research Service data.   Senate Leadership Staff, 1987-2014 Graphic by the R Street Institute based upon Congressional… Read More