Why taxpayers should support expanding the GAO

January 8, 2020
Congress approved $1.4 trillion in new spending last week to avoid another government shutdown over the holidays. Taxpayers are right to be wary whenever Congress pulls out its checkbook. Read More

New TechCongress fellows are coming

December 30, 2019
Six new Congressional Innovation Fellows have been selected, and will head to Capitol Hill in 2020. You can learn more about them here. Read More

Time to reeducate Congress about science and technology

December 16, 2019
Brookhaven National Laboratory. Source. BNL.gov Political momentum is building to revive the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), a congressional agency that once provided lawmakers with nonpartisan technical expertise. Presidential… Read More

Today: Hearing on “Experts needed: Options for improved science and technology advice for Congress”

December 5, 2019
Thomas Dolby, “She blinded me with science,” 1982. House of Representatives, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology 2318 Rayburn 10am: The LiveStream is at https://science.house.gov/hearings/experts-needed-options-for-improved-science-and-technology-advice-for-congress Witnesses: The… Read More

Video: Time for an upgrade: Getting better tech for Congress

October 18, 2019
Congress and modern technology: These two terms aren’t often paired together, let alone considered compatible. Although technology has the capability to enhance the First Branch’s abilities—from legislative empowerment to… Read More

APSA Task Force Memorandum: Congress, Technology, and Innovation

October 2, 2019
To: The Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress From: Claire Abernathy, Stockton University; Kevin Esterling, University of California, Riverside; and Marci Harris, POPVOX Reform: Congress, Technology, and Innovation A Report… Read More

Know someone who wants to help Congress on tech issues?

August 16, 2019
Then nominate him or her to become a TechCongress Fellow. And, yes, self-nominations are encouraged. Details are at https://www.techcongress.io/nominate. This is a paid fellowship on the Hill. Hurry up… Read More

Should we rename the Office of Technology Assessment?

August 8, 2019
Over the past year or so, there’s been growing … Read More

Bring back the OTA? Not without a few changes

July 18, 2019
This spring, the House included $6 million to revive the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) in its draft appropriations. The nonpartisan agency, defunded in 1995, was responsible for helping… Read More

Modernizing Congress: Bringing Democracy Into the 21st Century

July 2, 2019
Download this report published by the Beeck Center of Georgetown University. Read More