What ails Congress? Six explanations

January 17, 2018
Summary Everyone has an opinion on what is wrong with Congress. This post covers the field, laying out six different types of explanations as to why America‚Äôs legislature is struggling,… Read More

ICYMI: Congress Indispensable

January 3, 2018
Philip Wallach writes in National Affairs: “Congress is a mess. It seems incapable of passing major legislation; it is divided by bitter animosities, held in almost universal contempt,… Read More

Video of Meeting on: What Role Congress Should Have in Regulation?

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March 11, 2017
Jarrett Dieterle (R Street Institute), Philip Wallach (Brookings Institution) and Kevin Kosar (R Street Institute) ponder and debate the role of Congress in regulation. This video carries the presentations given… Read More

What Is the Obamacare Repeal Resolution?

January 12, 2017
Was the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act repealed this week? What is all this talk about reconciliation and vote-a-rama? The answers to these questions and more are in Molly… Read More

Proposed: A New Congressional Regulatory Office

September 22, 2016
If Congress has often been unwilling to actively control the output of the administrative state, over the years it has also become effectively unable to do so. As the… Read More

Do House Democrats and Republicans Spend Differently?

July 28, 2016
Guest blog post by Philip A. Wallach and Nicholas W. Zeppos So, now the question we all love to ask these days: do the blues and the reds… Read More

What Does the House of Representatives Spend Its Appropriation On?

July 27, 2016
Guest post by Philip A. Wallach and Nicholas W. Zeppos There is a short and unsurprising answer: mostly, it spends on staff.  Personnel expenses amount to more than three-quarters of… Read More

How Does the House of Representatives Divide Its Money Between Members, Committees, and Leadership?

July 26, 2016
Guest post by Philip A. Wallach and Nicholas W. Zeppos 1.    How does the House divide its money between members, committees, and leadership? In order to think clearly about… Read More