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How Air-Conditioning increased Polarization

February 24, 2012  ·  Andreu Casas, Matthew J. Denny, and John Wilkerson
John Farrell has a take on polarization in the National Journal. It’s a really interesting read and I recommend it, particularly if you are interested in the electoral forces… Read More

Left and Right are Still Important: The Flux of National Debate

February 24, 2012  ·  LegBranch Team
Ezra Klein is frustrated with the fluctuation in party positions. His most damaging critique of this dynamic: “Parties — particularly when they’re in the minority — care more about power… Read More

Rick Santorum’s Measurement Problem: The Religious Left

February 23, 2012  ·  LegBranch Team
As our national dialogue pivots from jobs and deficits toward religion, birth control and politics, Rick Santorum has positioned himself at the center of said debate.  His claim that Obama’s… Read More

What do Bacon and Political Science Have in Common?

February 20, 2012  ·  LegBranch Team
For any political scientists heading to the Midwest Political Science Association’s conference in April, apparently Chicago’s “Baconfest” is the same weekend.  Bacon milkshakes for everyone!!!   hat tip… Read More

Congratulations to Josh and Nate!

February 20, 2012  ·  LegBranch Team
I wanted to take a moment for a little Rule 22 self-promotion.  Congratulations are in order for a supermajority of this blog. Last week, Josh was awarded the American Political… Read More

Paul Krugman and Congressional Polarization

February 19, 2012  ·  LegBranch Team
In Friday’s The New York Times, Paul Krugman addressed what he sees as the disconnect between Republican rhetoric about the welfare state and the distribution of welfare benefits in… Read More

Quick Hit: Highlights from the Blogosphere

February 13, 2012  ·  LegBranch Team
If you were suspicious of the claim that 98% of Catholic women used birth control, it turns out you had good reason. Lydia McGrew breaks down the study Democrats used… Read More

Polarization on Obama

January 27, 2012  ·  LegBranch Team
Gallup reported this morning that Obama’s ratings are historically polarized. In the 60 years gallup has measured presidents’ approval and disapproval, Obama has received consistently higher approval… Read More

Newt Gingrich, the Adversarial News Media and “Camscam”

January 26, 2012  ·  LegBranch Team
If you wander over to Politico, you should read an article by Ginger Gibson entitled: “Newt Gingrich and the Press: Secret Pals”  The gist of Gibson’ article is that, despite his righteous indignation… Read More

What Next: Gabrielle Giffords’ Resignation

January 25, 2012  ·  LegBranch Team
With Gabrielle Giffords’ resignation today, it looks like Arizona’s 8th Congressional District is up for grabs.  Though Governor Jan Brewer has 3 days to announce a special election, the… Read More