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Don’t Blink…You’ll Miss the Filibuster

July 30, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
In 1957, Strom Thurmond held the Senate floor for 24 hours and 18 minutes to stall the passage of the 1957 Civil Rights Act.  He prepared himself for his crusade… Read More

Governing v. Elections: A False Dichotomy

July 26, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
Pundits, particularly those supporting the majority, love to emphasize an “inherent tension” in our governing system: Governing v. Elections. You likely heard this frequently during the healthcare debate. As progress… Read More

Michael Steele’s Gaffes: An Empirical Assessment

July 21, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
In the wake of Michael Steele’s most recent gaffe, political pundits and observers opined on the topic of Steele’s effects (broadly defined) on the Republican Party. With little variation, the… Read More

On the Calendar

July 15, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
The Old Spice spokesman, man, has some advice on how President Obama can win back female support. If congressional rifts weren’t enough, there now appears to be a… Read More

College Football, Politics, and “Irrationality”

July 13, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
I thought I’d pick up on a comment Jordan offered in his last post. Other than being a nice piece, this research on college football’s relevance to politics highlights an… Read More

On the Calendar

July 12, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
This week on Capitol Hill: The House and Senate reconvened today.  Scott Brown is a tentative “yes” on Wall Street reform.  What about the filibuster pivot from West… Read More

Two of my Favorite Things: College Football and Politics

July 9, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
This week, ESPN and other sports news outlets carried an AP story which contained some actual political science.  The original AP story summarized a study by Healy,… Read More

Deficit Democrats

July 8, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
There is a lot of uproar about the recent deficit dispute.  Republicans say, as if they were holding hands around a camp fire, that we are mortgaging our children’s future… Read More

And now the Democrats hate the Filibuster

July 6, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
Maybe this title is a bit of a hyperbole. But in a recent interview, Speaker Pelosi gives the impression that filibusters are beginning to irk her. Pelosi’s… Read More

Yucca Mountain

July 2, 2010  ·  LegBranch Team
When teaching American politics to undergraduates, I always seem to find a handful of examples or issues that transcend each lecture.  The politics surrounding Yucca Mountain is my next universal… Read More