This week on Capitol Hill:
The House and Senate reconvened today.  Scott Brown is a tentative “yes” on Wall Street reform.  What about the filibuster pivot from West Virginia?

There will be a vote on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan…sometime.  The vote is technically scheduled for tomorrow, July 13th, but according the Judiciary Committee’s rules Republicans can object, delaying the vote for 7 days.

As if the above were not enough, the energy bill may be restarted later in the week.  This article at the USA Today asks what I think is an important question: Why hasn’t the historic oil spill helped push the climate bill forward?  The answer, according to the article citing a Yale public opinion researcher, is that the public isn’t connecting the spill to the larger energy issue, focusing instead on the wrongdoings of BP.  True.  The only thing I would add is that the current state of the economy also has something to do with it.

After Congress settles these issues, it’s time to celebrate!  In DC, it is now “Rickey Month.”  This 31 day celebration commemorates Colonel Joe Rickey, an area lobbyist credited with co-creating a refreshing cocktail bearing his name.  Last year was the inaugural Rickey Month.  My trip to DC just got more interesting.

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