Check out the footage from New York Gubernatorial Candidate Jimmy McMillian in last night’s debate.  Perhaps his sterling performance will boost McMillian in the polls, as going in, he was not considered a threat to Cuomo.

Be sure to catch Andrew Cuomo’s statement at to the end. If the conditions are right, we might see some major party absorption of a third party’s platform.  Will the price of rent be an issue triggering partisan re-alignment?  I suppose that only time will tell….

As an aside, I contend that McMillian easily has the best facial hair on a politician this side of the 19th century (any challenger nominations? We’ll host a debate in the comments section).

Update: Obviously, I’m not the only one who admires McMillian’s style.  As Henry Farrell writes at the Monkey Cage, McMillian’s facial hair has garnered him the venerable endorsement from the American Mustache Institute.

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