New Orleans Quick Hits: Pouring Champagne and “Concentration Camps”

If you’re traveling to New Orleans for the Southern Political Science Association’s annual meeting, might I suggest some in-flight reading to make your time on Bourbon Street more joyous. Take a look at “On the Losses of Dissolved CO2 during Champagne Serving” (or in layman’s terms, how to pour your drink scientifically).  Using infrared thermography, researchers have shown that the best pour is down the side, rather than straight into the glass.  The reason: A side pour releases less CO2.  Why can’t political science answer the important questions…
Also relevant if you are traveling to New Orleans, city officials have told the remaining FEMA trailer tenets that they need to be out or face stiff fines (see this story in the Washington Post).  I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the obvious: that FEMA is making room for their “concentration camps.”  (Maybe I have a career in talk radio.)

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