The majority of Rule22 is in New Orleans this week for the Southern Political Science Association’s annual conference.  I, with my co-chair Paulina Rippere, planned the Graduate Student Section at this year’s conference and wanted highlight a few of our panels this week. So if you’re in New Orleans these will not disappoint.  In order of appearance:

  • Thursday 11:30-1: Career Advice for Graduate Students: What every Grad Student should Know. Chair: Jordan Ragusa. Participants: Jan Leighley, University of Arizona; John Aldrich, Duke University; Jon Bond, Texas A&M; Michael Jones-Correa, Cornell University.
  • Saturday 8-9:30am: Integrating Empirical Theories and Methods into Graduate Instruction. Chair: Josh Huder. Participants: Larry Dodd, University of Florida; John Aldrich, Duke University; Anne Pitcher, University of Michigan; Joshua Clinton, Vanderbilt University; Arthur Lupia, University of Michigan; Valerie Bunce, Cornell University.
  • Saturday 9:45-11:15 (same room): The Future of Political Science. Chair: Natalie Jackson, University of Oklahoma. Participants: Hans Noel, Georgetown University; Adam Sheingate, Johns Hopkins University; James Johnson, University of Rochester; Jeffrey Staton, Emory University; David Sobek, Louisiana State University; Rodney Hero, University of California, Berkeley.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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