Politico, an organization I have a lot of respect for, and one of the webpages I read daily, posted an article about 30 minutes ago on Mitch Daniels’ (the Indiana governor) decision not to run for president. First, I’m not sure the recent body of Republicans announcing their decision not run for president signals inevitable failure for the GOP in 2012 (though if I were a betting man I would take Obama as a clear favorite).  On the one hand I think it’s too early to definitively handicap the 2012 election while, on the other hand, during last presidential election cycle the media was lamenting the fact that the Democratic field was “too song.” But second, and what really caught my attention, the title of the Politico article is “Mitch-slapped GOP” (a not-so-clever play on words).  Really?  The best you could come up with is “Mitch-slapped”?  That’s a fairly lame title.

The title of the article was quickly changed.

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