Politico notes that the Ryan budget is quickly becoming a litmus test for Republicans.  The trick, David Catanese argues, is catering to conservative primary voters while dodging the unpopular Ryan budget for the general election.

Across the Senate election map, in swing state after swing state, the House Budget Committee chairman’s plan for overhauling the popular entitlement program is emerging as a serious point of tension, a pick-your-poison proposition, forcing GOP candidates to choose between the narrow dictates of conservative primary voters and the imperatives of the broader general election.

Politico didn’t reference it, but Mike Haridopolos (current President of the Florida Senate and a candidate the U.S. Senate in 2012) provided a cringe-worthy glimpse of this challenge a month ago.  Watch as Haridopolos gets booted from a radio interview after repreatedly dodging a question about the Ryan budget.


Hat tip to Dan Smith for the link.

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