Continuing Resolution Passes House 219-203

Late tonight the House passed a resolution by a vote of 219 to 203 to fund the government through the 18th of November.  Yesterday, a similar resolution failed on the House floor as 48 Republicans (mostly conservatives) joined almost all Democrats in opposition.  Rather than move the second resolution center, it appears–based on the roll-call–that Boehner pushed the bill further to the right (I’m guessing by adding more spending cuts to offset disaster relief Democrats want).  This, of course, is precisely what happened with the debt limit bill.  In an odd way, this chain of events only strengthens Boehner’s leverage over the final outcome.  Though the House resolution is dead on arrival in the Senate, the onus is on Reid to pass a parallel proposal.  To marshal 60 votes in the upper chamber Reid will need to push his chamber’s plan to the center (unlike Boehner).  And because last night’s continuing resolution failed, Boehner can credibly claim that his “hands are tied” on the final details of the continuing resolution.  Though the Speaker cannot count on the right-wing of his party, these members are providing him with significant bicameral leverage.  It will be interesting to see how this matter get’s resolved between the House and Senate (for example, whether the bill makes it to a conference committee or not).

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