Why Amending Obamacare Under Reconciliation Will Be Hard

James Wallner writes at the Examiner:

“Changing a reconciliation bill in the Senate is harder than you think. And the reason why has nothing to do with healthcare policy.

“While senators are correct to note they have a “virtually unlimited opportunity” to offer amendments to reconciliation bills, the special rules governing that process make it less likely that alternative proposals will receive serious consideration on the floor. Given this, senators should not be quick to assume that beginning debate on the healthcare bill this week will lead to a different outcome if their amendments are not allowed to be debated openly and do not receive up-or-down votes on the merits. Ensuring this requires senators to know exactly what it is that they are amending….”

Read more at http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/under-reconciliation-itll-be-harder-than-you-think-to-amend-the-senate-healthcare-bill/article/2629559

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