AIN’s Congressional Exit Interviews (Event Video 9/13/2018): Representative John J. Duncan, Jr.

Join R Street Institutes’ American Institutions Network (AIN) as we sit down with retiring Congressmen for the first of its kind, groundbreaking panel series, AIN’s Congressional Exit Interviews. The end of this year brings a record number of departing Members of Congress, many of whom have served in the House of Representatives for decades. In this three-part panel series, AIN sits down with retiring Members for fun, enlightening discussions to hear their perspectives on how our First Branch works from the inside, the institution’s changes over time, ideas for congressional reform, and more! This event is hosted and organized by R Street Institute’s American Institutions Network, a project to raise awareness of America’s shifting democratic norms and changing institutions in order to ensure the protection and continuation of our democracy. For additional information on AIN or this event, please contact Aubrey Neal at

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