Photo of Aubrey Neal

Aubrey Neal

Federal Affairs Manager, R Street Institute

Aubrey Neal is a federal affairs manager for the R Street Institute. She works with the Governance team and third-party groups from across the political spectrum to develop and grow the American Institutions Network. Through the bi-partisan conversations and relationships, she will help promote solutions to executive overreach and democratic norms.

Aubrey joined R Street in June 2018. She was most recently a Legislative Assistant for the office of Representative Barry Loudermilk (GA-11), where she specialized in government reform, transportation, energy, and labor policy. Previously, she was with Freedomworks’ Public Policy team, assisting in the vetting and endorsement of candidates for public office, as well as the establishment of the Judicial Reform Project.

Aubrey earned her BA from Hillsdale College. She lives in Washington D.C. and loves to go on runs.


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