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Want results from Congress? Former governors may be the answer

July 17, 2018
Image source By Misty Knight-Finley and Alex Keena In this year’s general election, 33 Senate seats are up for grabs. While much of the focus of these races is on… Read More

Committee Sheet: Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

July 16, 2018
                                                       … Read More

Kavanaugh nominated to protect Trump? What some senators are getting wrong.

July 12, 2018
Image source: WSJ By Anthony Marcum Within minutes of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, opponents were quick to highlight a 2009 article written by Kavanaugh for the Minnesota Law… Read More

Library plan to publish CRS reports falls short of the law, and is unduly expensive

July 12, 2018
By Daniel Schuman, Kevin Kosar, and Josh Tauberer Civil society, students, librarians, and the general public were elated when Congress decided to make the non-confidential non-partisan reports issued by… Read More

Despite appearances – or perhaps because of them – Congress is not as dysfunctional as some believe

July 11, 2018
Image source: VOA By John Ray Since the publication of the historic Congress: The Broken Branch, observers of life on the Hill have lamented the decline of Congress as… Read More

Are courtesy meetings nuked?

July 10, 2018
Image source: National Review By Mark Owens Process and procedure have begun to dominate debates about controversial or salient nominations to the federal bench. Frustration emerged when the regular procedures… Read More

Committee Sheet: Senate Committee on Rules and Administration

July 9, 2018
                                                    Open/download… Read More

Rethinking redistricting and when it matters

June 28, 2018
Image source: US Census By Charles R. Hunt In a previous LegBranch post, I  assessed some competing theories of how consequential the redistricting process has been to congressional elections… Read More

Gender stereotypes and the policy priorities of women in Congress

June 27, 2018
Image source:  Politico   Women who run for Congress are just as likely to win as men are (e.g., Burrell 1994; Carroll 1994; Fox 2006), yet women face considerable challenges… Read More

Committee Sheet: Senate Committee on the Judiciary

June 25, 2018
View/download PDF file here… Read More