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Video: Congress and national security

June 21, 2018
The Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group’s May meeting featured a panel of national security experts who discussed a wide range of vital topics including: Congress’ role in national security and… Read More

Congress and trade policy: Time to refresh the trade advisory system?

June 20, 2018
Image source: USTR By Ryan Dukeman From Ross Perot’s “giant sucking sound,” to Pat Buchanan’s promise to “make America first again,” to the 2016 presidential election, international trade has long… Read More

How do electoral incentives affect legislator behavior?

June 19, 2018
Image source By Alexander Fouirnaies and Andrew B. Hall  The Democratic Goal: Electoral Accountability Those in power don’t always do what we want them to do; this is the central… Read More

Committee Sheet: Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

June 18, 2018
View/Download PDF Version Here… Read More

Han Solo’s lessons on politics

June 14, 2018
Image source: ABC By Colleen J. Shogan The latest film installment of the Star Wars saga features the backstory of one of its most memorable and beloved characters, the rogue… Read More

Committee Sheet: Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

June 11, 2018
View/download PDF version here… Read More

The power of committee chairs

June 7, 2018
Image source: House Appropriations By Christopher R. Berry and Anthony Fowler Congressional committees are thought to play a central role in policymaking and the distribution of federal spending, and seats… Read More

Concentrating implementation: How ideological agreement between the House and Senate affects delegation to the bureaucracy

June 5, 2018
Image source: The Hill By Jordan Carr Peterson Many scholars and observers of American legislative politics focus on the substantive public policies contained in laws Congress enacts. For instance,… Read More

Committee Sheet: Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

June 4, 2018
Download/view PDF here… Read More

What do Senators actually want for their states and what do they receive? The importance of priorities and easy political wins

May 31, 2018
Image source: Senate Appropriations By Jeremy Gelman When Congress is doling out money or projects, the evergreen question is who won and who lost? Indeed, after the passage of the… Read More