How Does the House of Representatives Divide Its Money Between Members, Committees, and Leadership?

July 26, 2016
Guest post by Philip A. Wallach and Nicholas W. Zeppos 1.    How does the House divide its money between members, committees, and leadership? In order to think clearly about… Read More

Should We Bring Back Earmarks?

July 12, 2016
Source: Citizens Against Government Waste, Earmarks have been denounced as both wasteful and corrupt. Shortly before becoming Speaker, John Boehner declared, “Earmarks have become a symbol of a… Read More

Should the Budget Resolution Be Signed by the President?

June 16, 2016
George Mason University’s James C. Capretta suggests a joint budget resolution signed by the president would produce a more collaborative budget process. He writes: The current budget process does… Read More

House Votes Against Reducing Ethics Committee Funding

June 13, 2016
On Friday, June 10, the House rejected an amendment to reduce its spending on its Office of Congressional Ethics…. (Read more at Two Congressional Research Service reports… Read More

House Spending Data Shows Where the Staff Are

June 2, 2016
As DemandProgress’ Daniel Schuman reports, the House just began publishing its spending reports online as data. The House’s “Statements of Disbursement,” which show who how much money… Read More

What does DHS/immigration tell us about the power of Congress and the President?

February 20, 2015
Institutional power is more of an academic topic. Nonetheless, it has enormous ramifications. The current immigration debate is a great example of that. Despite the rhetoric around the DHS… Read More

Shutdown Roundtable: Lessons from 1994?

April 6, 2011
Here at Rule22, we decided to try something new: we’re each going to weigh in on the looming government shutdown. ¬†Josh’s excellent post, if you haven’t read it, suggests… Read More