House Spending Data Shows Where the Staff Are

June 2, 2016
As DemandProgress’ Daniel Schuman reports, the House just began publishing its spending reports online as data. The House’s “Statements of Disbursement,” which show who how much money… Read More

Spending on Congressional Staff Is Less Than Lobbying Expenditures

May 30, 2016
“The entire House and Senate combined now spend less on staff ($2 billion a year) than corporations spend on reported lobbying ($2.6 billion a year). But since that reported… Read More

Senate Does Not Raise Staff Salaries

May 26, 2016
  Senate appropriators did not follow the House’s lead and increase funding for personal staff…(Read more at Meanwhile, a recent report by the Congressional Research Service shows… Read More

House Appropriators Approve Small Pay Raise for Personal Staff

May 25, 2016
Something remarkable happened a week ago: a committee in Congress voted to spend a little bit more money on congressional staff. Rep. Sam Farr, D-Calif., offered the amendment to… Read More

Trends in Congressional and Support Agency Staffing

May 23, 2016
Lee Drutman and Steven Teles’ article, “A New Agenda for Political Reform,” include charts showing the decline in the number of staff….(Read more at Washington Monthly). This… Read More

To Be Effective Legislators, Members of Congress Need Expert Resources of Their Own

May 19, 2016
Professor James Curry (University of Utah) is the author of Legislating in the Dark: Information and Power in the House of Representatives (University of Chicago Press, 2015). He writes: “Public… Read More

Should Congress Pay Staff Overtime?

May 10, 2016
In the Hill, Veronique de Rugy writes: “Five million salaried workers will be directly impacted by the Obama administration’s decision to expand overtime pay mandates. Under this new rule, salaried… Read More