Data show how bad turnover was in Rep. Tim Murphy’s office

October 25, 2017
The well-known impetus for Rep. Tim Murphy’s (R-PA) forced retirement from Congress later this month was the bombshell revelation that he urged his mistress to undergo an… Read More

ICYMI: More work, fewer staff. Goldschmidt and Kosar discuss congressional capacity

October 24, 2017
Listen to Kathy Goldschmidt (Congressional Management Foundation) and Kevin Kosar (R Street Institute) the discussion on Federal News Radio at… Read More

What the Washington Post/CBS DEA investigation tells you about Congress: It’s really bad

October 19, 2017
Source: By Joshua C. Huder Recently, the Washington Post and CBS teamed up on an investigation that has now cost Congressman Tom Marino (R-PA) his nomination as the… Read More

Want to Be a Tech Congress Fellow for Congress?

August 24, 2017
Applications for the 2018 Congressional Innovation Fellowship are now open! “The second cohort built on the success of the inaugural class and went on to serve in… Read More

Cashing In On Connections: For Congressional Staff-Turned-Lobbyists, Who You Know Matters

August 22, 2017
By Joshua McCrain The revolving door between Capitol Hill and lobbying firms is no secret in Washington. In a new working paper, I place a dollar figure on… Read More

Congressional Pit Stop: How Legislative Dysfunction Deters Young Talent

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August 3, 2017
Young people yearn to enact change and make their mark upon the world. Many of them, however, no longer see government as a viable arena in which to do so,… Read More

The Downsides of Using Executive Agency Detailees

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June 20, 2017
In a previous post, I recounted the advantages of using executive detailees as a means of combatting staffing shortages on Capitol Hill. In short, agency detailees can serve as… Read More

Lobbying and Congressional Capacity

June 19, 2017
Roll Call‘s Kate Ackley writes: “Demand has increased for former officials, including former lawmakers who are more likely to become lobbyists than in past decades, as congressional staff become… Read More

ICYMI: The Washington Post Takes Up Congressional Capacity

June 13, 2017
Max Ehrenfreund writes: “With so much work to do, even a veteran lawmaker steeped in the details of public policy could struggle to keep it all straight. For the… Read More

How Executive Detailees Could Help Ease Congress’ Staffing Problems

June 6, 2017
Source: Russell Mills and Jennifer Selin, 2017. It is becoming more widely acknowledged that Congress has a staffing problem. While the executive branch employs more than 4 million people,… Read More