Concentrating implementation: How ideological agreement between the House and Senate affects delegation to the bureaucracy

June 5, 2018
Image source: The Hill By Jordan Carr Peterson Many scholars and observers of American legislative politics focus on the substantive public policies contained in laws Congress enacts. For instance,… Read More

To delegate or not to delegate: Committee staff, congressional capacity, and executive authority

May 29, 2018
Image source:  POGO By Austin Bussing From repeated, thinly-veiled threats to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller to drastic tariff hikes on steel and aluminum, the administration of president Donald J. Read More

A discretionary spending tale of two parties: James Madison rears his head

May 8, 2018
Image source here By John Haskell A close examination of federal discretionary spending totals over the last 25 years reveals an unmistakable trend: under Democratic presidents discretionary spending increases… Read More

Democratic decay, legislative diplomacy, and the House Democracy Partnership

May 1, 2018
Image source: HDP By Ryan Dukeman Until very recently, “democratic backsliding” was a term consigned mostly to the annals of academic theory, concerned chiefly with perceived “democracy deficits”… Read More

When Congress won the American people’s respect: Watergate

April 26, 2018
Those of us who make our livings trying to improve the state of American politics must constantly strike a balance between realism and hopefulness. There are a lot of… Read More

Can Member Characteristics Predict Committee Oversight Activity?

April 25, 2018
Image source By Brian D. Feinstein Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress last week drove home the gulf in outlook between Silicon Valley and Capitol Hill. Companies like… Read More

Agencies’ responsibilities to inform Congress: Clashing views

January 18, 2018
Source: The Hill . By Kevin R. Kosar “Notice and Comment,” the heady Yale Journal on Regulation blog, posted this short piece by Brian D. Feinstein, a University… Read More

Why enacting H.R. 4010, the Congressional Subpoena Compliance and Enforcement Act of 2017, is a big mistake

January 9, 2018
Source: By Morton Rosenberg   Summary The House of Representatives’ recent passage of the Congressional Subpoena Compliance and Enforcement Act of 2017 (H.R. 4010), whatever its intention, effectively signals… Read More

A new development involving the Congressional Review Act

November 8, 2017
P.L. 104-121, sec. 801-808 , the Congressional Review Act by Jarrett Dieterle Over the past year, a debate has broken out in the regulatory reform community over how to properly… Read More

Congress uses the Congressional Review Act to abolish another regulation

October 31, 2017
During the early months of the Trump administration, Congress and the president made unprecedented use of the Congressional Review Act to repeal regulations. The CRA, which was enacted in… Read More