Evaluating Congress’s information processing capacity

April 17, 2018
Two big questions emerged from the recent congressional capacity conference: “capacity for what?” and “capacity for whom?” These are great questions that ask us to think… Read More

The Number of Hearings Is Going Down

July 6, 2017
At Vox, Jonathan Lewallen, Sean Theriault, and Bryan Jones write:  “We should not be surprised by the lack of Senate committee hearings on the AHCA. It… Read More

APSA White Papers on Congressional Capacity

September 6, 2016
Every chair was filled at the American Political Science Association panel discussing congressional capacity. The papers delivered were: Anthony Madonna and Ian Ostrander, “A Congress of Cannibals: The Evolution… Read More

Academic Panel On Congressional Capacity

May 30, 2016
Lee Drutman and Kevin Kosar, the co-directors of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group, will be on a panel titled “Assessing Congress’ Capacity to Solve Problems.” This will occur… Read More