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Hoyer and McCarthy issue dueling letters on online work and reopening Congress

April 22, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
Yesterday, Majority Whip Steny Hoyer (D, MD) released a letter advocating remote voting and deliberations. He wrote: “Beyond implementing the proxy voting as a first step, we ought… Read More

Where’s Congress? Don’t Just Blame Trump for the Coronavirus Catastrophe

April 21, 2020  ·  M. Anthony Mills and Robert Cook-Deegan
How in the world did it happen? The United States has the highest rating in the world on the Global Health Security Index, which assesses prevention, capacity for detection, preparedness… Read More

Congress must be ready for election uncertainty

April 20, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
Recent polls show President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in a virtual tie in national polls. State polls show the race as a tossup. Come November, the country may… Read More

Could Democrats and Republicans both benefit from bringing back earmarks?

April 16, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
Discussions about bringing back earmarks have flared up on Capitol Hill in recent years. Democrats in particular have expressed interest in reviving procedures whereby members of the House of Representatives could… Read More

Governance poll: Pre-COVID-19 America had growing confidence in the economy and rising sexism

April 15, 2020  ·  Todd Belt
Presidential campaigns offer a unique opportunity to observe how individuals respond to political events and messages. The GW Politics Poll contained two separate cross-sectional studies that help us… Read More

Today at 12: Emerging legal issues in congressional oversight and investigation

April 14, 2020  ·  Anthony Marcum
RSVP for this online meeting The 116th Congress may rank with those of the Teapot Dome Scandal and Watergate in terms of its importance in defining the congressional… Read More

Podcast: Do ideas or interests drive our politics?

April 13, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
Listen in. Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, joins Julia Azari, Lee Drutman, and James Wallner to discuss the role that ideas and interests play in our politics. Do ideas… Read More

Broad coalition endorses principles for transparency and oversight of coronavirus stimulus spending

April 10, 2020  ·  Jonathan Bydlak
Download the letter April 6, 2020 The Honorable Nancy PelosiSpeaker of the HouseU.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C. 20514The Honorable Kevin McCarthyMinority Leader… Read More

Diverse groups thank Congress for its modernization efforts

April 7, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
Download the letter. Read More

Bipartisan reform in a fitful Senate?

April 6, 2020  ·  Philip Wallach
Back in the antediluvian era of late February 2020, a group of 70 former U.S. Senators took to the opinion page of the Washington Post to lament the sorry state of America’s… Read More