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Why members of Congress should get a raise, whether they deserve it or not

July 3, 2019  ·  Lee Drutman
You’ve surely heard the old line, “The best Congress money can buy.” Typically, it’s said sardonically. In the classic formulation, it’s not your money doing the buying. It’s special interests… Read More

Modernizing Congress: Bringing Democracy Into the 21st Century

July 2, 2019  ·  Lorelei Kelly
Download this report published by the Beeck Center of Georgetown University. Read More

APSA Task Force Memorandum: Floor and committee processes in the House of Representatives: Issues, options for reform, and potential consequences

July 1, 2019  ·  Molly E. Reynolds
To:             The Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress From:       Molly E. Reynolds, Senior Fellow; Brookings Institution; E. Scott Adler, University of… Read More

ICYMI: Top Reads on Congress

June 28, 2019  ·  Aubrey Neal
Liz Hempowicz and Berin Szoka, “Political interference at DOJ threatens the rule of law, and Congress needs to act,” The Hill, June 27, 2019: “The relationship between the White… Read More

The Tribune, the Triumvirate, and the Ethos of the Senate

June 27, 2019  ·  John G. Grove
James Madison famously predicted that the constitution’s division of power would be enforced by the “personal motives” of those individuals holding public office. Ambition is made to counteract ambition when… Read More

Are permanent appropriations the fix the budget process needs?

June 26, 2019  ·  Molly E. Reynolds
As Kevin Kosar discussed recently, political scientist Andrew Taylor has a new proposal, outlined in the latest issue of National Affairs, to reform the appropriations process by shifting… Read More

Explainer: The House of Representatives committee markup process

June 25, 2019  ·  Kevin Kosar
View/download this House Committee Markup Explainer. Read More

William Barr and Congress’ broken contempt power

June 24, 2019  ·  Kevin Kosar
Source: ABC News. Last month, the House Judiciary Committee voted to recommend that the House hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress. The 24-16 decision was made along partisan… Read More

ICYMI: Top Reads on Congress

June 21, 2019  ·  Aubrey Neal
Zach Graves, Kevin R. Kosar, “What to shrink government? Invest in making Congress smarter,” Real Clear Policy: “The Constitution established Congress as the first branch of government. Its decisions… Read More

Today: Oversight hearing on the Congressional Research Service

June 20, 2019  ·  Kevin Kosar
The House Committee on Administration is holding a hearing on the Congressional Research Service (CRS) at 10am today. The hearing may be viewed online. The CRS is critical… Read More