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Is Congress willing to assert responsibility for trade?

February 10, 2020  ·  Philip Wallach, Clark Packard, and James Wallner
As the Senate’s impeachment trial dominated domestic headlines, President Trump was busy at the World Economic Forum in Davos. There, he trumpeted the United States’ economic strength to our European… Read More

ICYMI: Higher pay possible for House employees

February 6, 2020  ·  Chief Administrative Officer of the House
Source: e-Dear Colleague letter of January 27, 2020 Revised Maximum Rate of Pay for Employees in Member, Committee, Leadership, and House Support Offices Sending Office: Chief Administrative Officer of the… Read More

A time to build Congress

February 5, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
Gallup polls show public approval of Congress remains around 20 percent. The dissatisfaction also is widespread within the Capitol. “This place sucks,” Sen. Joe Manchin, D, WV, vented… Read More

House staffing in four charts

February 5, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
Source: Kevin R. Kosar, Testimony before the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress, January 14, 2020. Read More

Hearing: Fostering a more deliberative process in Congress

February 4, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
The Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress will hold a hearing on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 2pm. It will take place in the Cannon House Office Building ion… Read More

Event: Reforming presidential emergency and war powers

February 3, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
Source: RSVP here Tuesday, February 11, 2020 U.S. Capitol Congress has delegated to the executive its authorities over war-making and national emergencies. For certain, Alexander… Read More

How much gets spent on the legislative branch?

January 31, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
The FirstBranch Forecast has done yeoman’s work to cull “all of the spending bills for the last quarter-century and lined up the spending items in a downloadable spreadsheet. Now… Read More

Precedents! Precedents! Get your FREE precedents!

January 30, 2020  ·  Kevin Kosar
As the Senate conducts its impeachment trial, there appears to be growing interest in Senate rules – particularly Senate precedents.  Is the Chief Justice allowed to cast tie-breaking votes when presiding… Read More

The chief justice doesn’t rule the Senate

January 28, 2020  ·  James Wallner
Source: The Senate’s impeachment trial of President Trump has entered its second week. Some of the president’s critics have concerns with how it’s going—and they want Chief Justice… Read More

Congress rebuked but not reimagined

January 28, 2020  ·  Philip Wallach
Source: “If we break this contract, throw us out. We mean it.” So pronounced the bottom line of a Republican National Committee ad, which laid out the Contract… Read More