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Everything you want to know about the 2018 midterm House elections in 8 charts

November 7, 2018  ·  Casey Burgat, Charles Hunt, Trey Billing
You’re well aware the 2018 midterm elections took place, but you probably weren’t nuts enough to stay up to see the almost final results. Luckily for you, we were and… Read More

AG Sessions forced to resign in shadow of midterm elections.

November 7, 2018  ·  Aubrey Neal
On November 7, the day following the 2018 midterm elections, President Donald Trump requested Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign. This action follows months of tension between the Department of… Read More

Just How Abusive Are Our Administrative Courts, Really?

November 7, 2018  ·  Philip Wallach
In the early months of Donald Trump’s presidency, Steve Bannon thrilled legal conservatives with a declaration that the Trump administration would be committed to a “deconstruction of the administrative state.”… Read More

Sudan v. Harrison: How mailing a foreign embassy created a legal kerfuffle

November 6, 2018  ·  Anthony Marcum
Let’s say you want to sue someone. Along with writing a complaint and filing it with the court, you must be sure the person (or organization) you’re suing has “notice.”… Read More

The promise our next Speaker will make — and break

November 6, 2018  ·  Casey Burgat, Philip Wallach
We don’t know which party will win the majority in tomorrow’s midterms, and so we don’t know who will take the Speaker’s gavel from the retiring Paul Ryan. But, here’s… Read More

Senate Republicans get ready to play musical chairs

November 5, 2018  ·  James Wallner
Regardless of what happens in the 2018 midterm elections, Republicans are set to play a game of musical chairs on some of the most important committees in the Senate. The… Read More

New R Sheet: Congressional Reorganization Acts

November 5, 2018  ·  Casey Burgat, Aubrey Neal
Click here for full report (PDF)… Read More

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress

November 2, 2018  ·  Marian Currinder
Anthony Adragna, “The powerful weapon House Republicans handed Democrats,” Politico: “Democrats eager to investigate the Trump administration if they seize the House would have the GOP to thank for… Read More

Birthright citizenship and the 14th Amendment

October 31, 2018  ·  Aubrey Neal
On Tuesday President Donald Trump announced plans to draft an executive order that would deny birthright American citizenship to children born in the United States to non-citizen parents. This proposed… Read More

Reforming the Senate’s hotline system

October 31, 2018  ·  James Wallner
(Editor’s note: This piece originally appeared in Legislative Procedure on October 29, 2018.) Senators often blame their leaders whenever they are frustrated with how the Senate works. Yet they… Read More