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Senate and House Legislative Branch subcommittee members appointed

January 22, 2019  ·  Marian Currinder
The Legislative Branch subcommittees of the Senate and House Appropriations Committees contain several newcomers in the 116th. Newly elected Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) will chair the subcommittee on… Read More

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress

January 18, 2019  ·  Marian Currinder
Paul Blumenthal, “Congress Might Actually Do Something To Stop Itself From Sucking So Much,” Huffington Post: “It’s hard to find agreement in the politically polarized environment of Washington, but… Read More

Pelosi’s revenge?

January 16, 2019  ·  Marian Currinder
The Hill was abuzz on Wednesday with news that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had “exacted revenge” on one of her most vocal detractors, Rep. Katherine Rice (D-NY). A former… Read More

New R Sheet on leadership PACs

January 15, 2019  ·  Marian Currinder
KEY POINTS Leadership PACs are political action committees created to promote the politicians who establish them. These committees used to be relegated to party leaders but today almost every member… Read More

Resources: The Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress

January 14, 2019  ·  Marian Currinder was built to provide visitors with a “one-stop shop” for the latest research, analysis, and commentary on Congress and reform. As the hub for the congressional reform movement,… Read More

In border dispute, focus should be on Congress

January 11, 2019  ·  Jordan Ragusa
President Trump is increasingly going public in an effort to secure funding for his border wall.  On Tuesday, Trump gave his first ever prime-time Oval Office address, and yesterday, he… Read More

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress

January 11, 2019  ·  Marian Currinder
Lindsey McPherson, “First big bipartisan vote establishes House select committee on modernizing Congress,” Roll Call: “Taking its first bipartisan vote of the 116th Congress, the House voted Friday to… Read More

Congress has forgotten how to fight

January 9, 2019  ·  James Wallner
The problem with the Congress today is that its members are unwilling to take a punch for a cause in which they believe, much less throw one themselves. On one… Read More

There’s a new select committee for modernizing Congress. What does it mean for legislative IT?

January 9, 2019  ·  Tajha Chappellet-Lanier
The House of Representatives voted Friday to establish a Select Committee for the Modernization of Congress. Title II of the House rules package, which includes a provision… Read More

Congress finally stands up for itself

January 8, 2019  ·  Richard Skinner
Last week, for once, the political world focused on Congress. We heard about Nancy Pelosi’s return as speaker; the large, diverse freshman class in the House of Representatives; and… Read More