ICYMI: Rebuilding a technology assessment office in Congress: Frequently asked questions

October 1, 2018
Congress is not known for being particularly tech savvy. This reputation comes in part from its quaint anachronisms, such as prominent Members’ desire to eschew email and smartphones,… Read More

The House asked members for their ideas to make Congress work better. This is what they suggested

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September 24, 2018
(Editor’s note: The post originally appeared on FixGov on September 21, 2018.) On September 13, the House Committee on Rules’ Subcommittee on Rules and Organization of the House held… Read More

How filibustering and strategic parties contribute to gridlock

September 13, 2018
By Gregory Koger Filibustering: the Fourth Veto The U.S. Constitution lays out a system with three veto players: the President, the House of Representatives, and the… Read More

Kavanaugh’s inevitable confirmation

September 11, 2018
(Editor’s note: This piece was originally posted by the Government Affairs Institute on September 5, 2018.) By Susan Sullivan Lagon To no one’s… Read More

Cloture votes weaponized to handicap executive branch transition

September 7, 2018
The Senate has invoked cloture 108 times on executive nominees during the 18 months of the Trump presidency. By calling for cloture with the intent to obstruct progress, the Senate… Read More

Unring the bell

September 6, 2018
(Editor’s note: This post is a follow up to yesterday’s post and originally appeared in Legislative Procedure on September 5, 2018.) By James Wallner Yesterday’s post detailing… Read More

How to make the Senate a nuclear-free zone

September 5, 2018
(Editor’s note: This post originally appeared in Legislative Procedure on September 4, 2018.) Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., regrets going nuclear. Democrats used the controversial maneuver in 2013 to lower unilaterally the… Read More

ICYMI: Analysis on legislative gridlock and congressional oversight

September 4, 2018
The most recent edition of the The Legislative Scholar, the newsletter of the legislative studies section of the American Political Science Association, focuses on “the pervasive problem of… Read More

How diverse are Democratic Senate offices? You might be surprised …

August 30, 2018
Seemingly every year, journalists tweet pictures of House and Senate interns, offering photographic evidence that those interning in the branch of government most connected to the people don’t really look… Read More

Remembering Senator John McCain

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August 27, 2018
(Editor’s note: This piece originally appeared in the First Branch Forecast on August 27, 2018.) McCain Senate office building? In his tweets commemorating the life of Sen. McCain, Sen. Read More