Filibusters and cloture

June 19, 2020
The standard account of Senate obstruction goes something like this: The Senate’s lax rules of procedure empower its increasingly polarized members to obstruct the majority party as it tries to… Read More

House bill passed with proxy votes becomes law

June 16, 2020
President Donald Trump signed the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 (HR 7010) into law on June 5. Among its provisions, HR 7010 increases… Read More

A Plan for the People’s House Four Strategies to Reopen Congress and Restore America’s Voice

May 7, 2020
Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Recently, we called on Speaker Pelosi to establish a clear, safe, and effective plan for reopening… Read More

Podcast: Filibuster or filibusted?

April 2, 2020
Listen here. This week, Julia Azari, Lee Drutman, and James Wallner consider the filibuster. What purpose does it serve? Have its consequences gotten worse as the Senate has… Read More

Elizabeth Warren has the Senate’s gridlock problem all wrong

March 11, 2020
Elizabeth Warren wants to end gridlock in the Senate, and she believes eliminating the filibuster is the way to do it. In South Carolina’s presidential debate, Warren … Read More

The Senate is broken because senators broke it

February 28, 2020
Something broke the Senate. It no longer legislates, and its members are frustrated. Reflecting the mounting dissatisfaction with the status quo, a bipartisan group of 70 former senators recently published… Read More

How Mitch McConnell masters the Senate

February 22, 2020
During the Great Depression, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and poet Carl Sandburg posed the question, “What is history but a few Big Names plus People?” Eighty-four years later,… Read More

Podcast: The Senate post-impeachment

February 12, 2020
R Street Institute’s James Wallner and joins Matt Glassman, Josh Huder, and Mark Harkins of the Government Affairs Institute. They give a post mortem on the impeachment trial, and… Read More

Precedents! Precedents! Get your FREE precedents!

January 30, 2020
As the Senate conducts its impeachment trial, there appears to be growing interest in Senate rules – particularly Senate precedents.  Is the Chief Justice allowed to cast tie-breaking votes when presiding… Read More

The chief justice doesn’t rule the Senate

January 28, 2020
Source: The Senate’s impeachment trial of President Trump has entered its second week. Some of the president’s critics have concerns with how it’s going—and they want Chief Justice… Read More