Rep. John Ratcliffe On the Separation of Powers Restoration Act

September 25, 2017
Rep. John Ratcliffe’s (R-TX) Separation of Powers Restoration Act was introduced early this year. Unlike some bills, the act’s title precisely encapsulates its purpose: restoring the power disparity… Read More

Congress’s Death Is Greatly Exaggerated

September 20, 2017
By Matt Glassman Lamenting the underperformance of Congress has a long history in American public life. Nineteenth century cartoonists portrayed Congress in terms familiar to modern observers: dysfunctional, corrupt,… Read More

Should Members of Congress Get DC Housing Stipends?

September 16, 2017
Benjamin Freed writes in the Washingtonian: “Both the United Kingdom and France give members of their parliaments allowances for capital-area housing. British MPs, who earn base annual… Read More

Why We Do Not Need a More Powerful Presidency

September 12, 2017
Casey Burgat and Kevin Kosar write in Washington Monthly: “Once upon a time, we had a legislative branch that could help govern. The House and Senate had long-serving leaders… Read More

The Perils of Potent Congressional Leadership

August 28, 2017
Source: Matt Glassman, formerly of the Congressional Research Service and soon-to-be at the Government Affairs Institute, writes: “[T]he Wilsonian model of congressional reform is a dream scenario for… Read More

Rep. Darin LaHood On Creating a Congress of Tomorrow

July 25, 2017
Rep. Darin LaHood, D-Il, writes at the Ripon Forum: “Simply put, the body “of the People,” voted in “by the People,” is not working “for the People.” “So what… Read More

ICYMI: Rep. Isakson Introduces Biennial Budgeting Bill

July 20, 2017
Rep. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga, writes at the Ripon Forum: “Over the last 37 years, since 1980, Congress has passed all 12 annual appropriations bills on time only twice. Too… Read More

ICYMI: Coequal or Co-opted? How Congress Can Restore Its Rightful Role in Government

July 19, 2017
Former Rep. Mickey Edwards (R-OK) writes at the Ripon Forum: “The problem is long-standing and difficult: it often appears that many members of Congress have no clue as to… Read More

Only Congress Can Save Itself

June 28, 2017
James Wallner writes at the Library of Law & Liberty: “Restoring the Constitution’s institutional foundation, though, requires that all branches take an active part. Congress, the executive, and… Read More

Eight Good Pieces of News About Congress

May 31, 2017
R Street Institute’s Casey Burgat writes: It is not breaking news that most Americans are pessimistic about Congress. This negativity is reflected in Congress’ dismal 20 percent approval… Read More