Congressional Jargon

November 14, 2011
As a blog about Congress we’d be remiss if we didn’t link to Matt Glassman’s Congressional jargon post. It’s a fun look at the lingo on Capitol Hill. Read More

Herman Cain’s Information Minister

November 7, 2011
The Cain campaign’s official response here.  May the memory of Baghdad Bob never die. Read More

The Senate Rule Change Was “A Return To Order”

October 11, 2011
Harry Reid published an op-ed in today’s Washington Post defending last week’s change in Senate precedent.  He begins his essay by arguing–like I did in the immediate aftermath of the… Read More

Steve Smith on “What Happened in the Senate Last Night”

October 7, 2011
I posed a few questions about the specific procedures that governed last night’s supposed nuclear meltdown in the Senate.  Steve Smith, the Kate M. Gregg Distinguished Professor of Social Science at Washington University in… Read More

Using the Nuclear Option to Limit Post-Cloture Obstructionism, Not Deliberation

October 6, 2011
Talking Points Memo has the most cogent explanation of what happened tonight regarding the s0-called nuclear option (edit: see also Sarah Binder’s post at TMC).  I’m too tired… Read More

Politics and Football II: The Sequel

October 6, 2011
As you’ve probably heard, the country singer and prospective Senatorial candidate (TN) Hank Williams, Jr. made some pretty absurd comments comparing President Obama to Hitler on Monday. … Read More

Things Institutionalists Know that You Should: Why So Much Stability?

September 29, 2011
Regular readers of the blog will recall that we are drafting a semi-regular series that codifies some of the foundational tenets of new institutionalism.  This is our contribution… Read More

Quick Hit: Congress Playing Chicken

September 21, 2011
One of my favorite podcasts is NPR’s Planet Money.  They are generally very smart and pretty entertaining.  Though it’s a little old now, they posted an episode last week (link… Read More

Debating the President’s Jobs Plan

September 20, 2011
Among other things, the president’s new jobs plan has renewed interest in the perennial question: under what conditions does the president pass successfully his preferred policies in Congress? National media… Read More

There Were Fourteen Thirteen Original Colonies

August 30, 2011
courtesy of the Sun Valley Elementary School in Nevada…… Read More